Extensible and Operationally Manageable Solutions

We work with our clients on the whole application lifecycle from concept, technology selection to deployment and operation.

What we offer

  • Advice, review and support in technology solution options.
  • Cloud, hosted, hybrid and in-house architecture advice and support.
  • Cloud provider advice and technology support.
  • Automated deployment and lifecycle monitoring technology advice and support.
  • Automated configuration and operational monitoring technology advice and support.
  • Software development and operational support process auditing, review and consulting.
  • Architecture, software design and technology consulting, oversight and review.
  • Bespoke software development.
  • Technical and operational support training, mentoring, troubleshooting and performance auditing

Track record

  • Public, private and hybrid cloud API solution development.
  • Virtualisation adoption and architecture optimisation.
  • Automated deployment and monitoring infrastructures.
  • Automated configuration and lifecycle infrastructures.
  • Integration of cloud-centric and DevOps style development processes.