IT Technology and Processes

We bring a strong R&D background to our architecture, design, development and software processes - the Codory was formed from an R&D group and all staff spend time investigating and contributing to new technology development.

What we offer

  • Advice on technology choices.
  • Advice of development processes, training and mentoring.
  • Architecture, software design and technology consulting, oversight and review.
  • Bespoke software development.

Track record

  • Integration of evolving technologies such as cloud, container virtualisation, high performance storage, non-traditional data storage.
  • Virtualised infrastructures.
  • High performance and resilient service infrastructures.
  • Automated service deployment, configuration and lifecycle management.
  • Agile and continuous development using test and behaviour driven processes.
  • Technical and operational support training, mentoring, troubleshooting and system performance assessment.