Open Solutions

We combine expertise in proprietary and open source technology to enable us to deliver the best solutions to our users.

What we offer

  • Technology adoption business case development, review and support.
  • Advice, review and support in technology solutions options.
  • Training and mentoring to support new technology adoption.
  • Software development process auditing, review and consulting.
  • Architecture, software design and technology consulting, oversight and review.
  • Bespoke software development.
  • Technical and operational support training, mentoring, troubleshooting and performance auditing

Track record

  • Public, private and hybrid cloud API solution development.
  • Virtualisation adoption and architecture optimisation.
  • Open source and proprietary web service integration
  • Traditional and NoSQL enterprise database integration.
  • Integration of map-reduce style programming to support new applications.
  • Sector specific technology integration, such as broadcast transcoder integration and high performance analysis for financial service.
  • Integration of event monitoring and complex event processing to support automated operations support.
  • Integration of cloud-centric and devops-style development processes.